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About Us

Vision Express/Wrag-Time Transportation provides premium expedited less than truckload service at competitive over the road rates. Our goal is to move freight across the country fast and with minimal handling to your customers and/or from your vendors.

By means of a customer service team that is second-to-none we make certain our customers are comfortable using us and get instant answers to their questions when needed. Available by either phone or email we are always focused on making your business our business.

Since 1980 our professional sales force has been financially motivated to deliver great service. They are considered to be among the best trained in the industry and constantly provide solutions to your ltl transportation challenges.

With a website that provides tracing/tracking and tools that allow the customer to increase their revenues and decrease their costs associated with ltl transportation. Vision Express/Wrag-Time transportation is positioned to make you a success with every customer you work with.